Monday, March 7, 2011

Project #13

For our group's Smartboard project, we decided to do our presentation on dinosaurs because they're super duper cool. I think that was our exact logic. Anyway, due to some confusion in the actual presentation time slots (our group was totally signed up first, by the way), we had to perform our teacherly duties solo and without the acute presence of another presenting group. Personally, I was a little sad. Regardless, I think we did pretty well despite no audience other than you delightful web viewers and the fact that one of our group members was MIA. (She had a good reason, but we still missed her when it actually came down to presenting the project.)

So, I'm not in education to be an elementary school teacher. I want to teach in high school. Preferably kids that know what I'm saying when I'm using certain largish words. It was hard for me to bring my vocabulary back down to a 2nd grade level. Also, I am not a science major. I'm an English and literature major. So...another strike against the topic. However, the majority of my group--three out of four--is in elementary education, so I felt like it wouldn't be fair to make them do a presentation about grammar and how to write the five paragraph essay properly when you only have 45 minutes. Besides, everyone likes dinosaurs. The Land Before Time was one of my favorite movies as a kid! I loved Littlefoot.

I had fun though. Using the Smartboard was so cool. It was like a big giant touchscreen. Kind of like my iPhone, but way bigger. I liked it. I would have played with it more than just during our presentation, but we had to vacate the room we used before a class later that evening. Also, my Mom was making spaghetti and I was hungry. The stomach wins over playtime every time.

Without further ado, I give you our very long lesson (17:30) about extinction and dinosaurs. I had to split in half because of YouTube video length policy, but it's okay.

Part 1:

Now proceed to part two to see the finale!
Part 2:

For a short time only, here is a quick survey to rate our efficacy at using the Smartboard to teach a lesson. I would appreciate any responses. Thanks!

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  1. I love Dinosaurs! Thanks for doing your presentation on this. You use the bored more than most teachers, which is what we want. Many teachers will just use this as a huge powerpoint. You showed that this is interactive. Good Job!

    Stephen Akins