Wednesday, April 27, 2011

C4T #4 Summary


Website Wednesdays sound like fun right? It sounds like a party on the web, and if you're a teacher following Ann Carnevale's blog, it might just be something of an event for you. This time around the Comment for Teacher's block, I was assigned her blog, Bits 'n Bytes, and chose her most recent post of Website Wednesday to comment on. In those posts, Ms. Carnevale shares links to websites she believes will be useful to teachers. This post had links to Mathwire Blog, Mathwire, a storytelling website, and a few links to help teachers explain what happened as a result of the earthquakes in Japan. I was happy she gave the links about Japan, because I think it is essential to keep students in the know about what is going on. It's cruel to leave them in the dark, but if we can help them understand, they will feel a sense of obligation to act properly about the problem.

Unfortunately, Ann hasn't posted anything new on her blog since her last Website Wednesday. So, I had to go back in her archives and find the next most recent post to comment on and I chose YouTube in the Primary Classroom. Other students from EDM310 have already posted comments on the post, but I wasn't deterred. I was sure I could say something positive that would be completely distinguishable from theirs. In her post, Ann provides elementary teachers with some great links to YouTube videos and channels that would be usable additions to their curricula or lesson plans. One link is about learning vowels and another is the Between the Lions channel (which I love. Who doesn't like talking lions that live in a library?) There were a few more links that she listed and I was happy to note that all of the comments she received were positive and thanked her for the links, even though the majority were fellows of mine. Haha!

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