Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Blog Post #15: Video Reflection

Here is my final reflection on EDM310. It's less than ten minutes. I know that for a fact. I'm a bit of a rambler, but I hope I managed to make some sense. I also had a little bit of fun playing with the captions and whatnot. Haha! Enjoy!


  1. Hello there,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog via the PIF Blogfest. It's good to "meet" you. Really? your mum's name is eve? That's great!! It is a shortened version of my name which is why i use it :-) Thank you for your lovely comments about my writing course and what you said about blogging, it is going to be fun getting to know you I can tell :) I think your blog is great. It is a great way of meeting people in the same boat. So "hi" and I'll pop by as often as possible :)
    Eve :)

  2. I think that the development of stage acting skills is very pertinent to teaching. Nice job on the reflection!