Monday, January 24, 2011

C4T#1 Summary

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseFor my first C4T post, I commented on Mr. Robbo's blog post The Facebook Page
I introduced myself and gave my reasons for commenting. His post was perhaps the most revolutionary thing I have ever read about Physical Education. I would never have considered using technology in a PE class, but Mr. Robbo has managed not only to do that, but to do it with a flair. I told him that his idea of using Facebook as a tool for further connecting students to his class was a great idea. I wish my teachers had thought of that.

For my second post on Mr. Robbo's blog, I chose his newest post about an iPhone app (Wow.) that allows you take your heart rate with a great deal of accuracy. Being an iPhone user myself, I was naturally drawn to the topic and since I have an inability to take my own heart rate, this app was tailored to suit my needs to a T. My comment ran something along those lines and I thanked him for the heads up on the Instant Heart Rate application for iPhone and android phones. Perhaps another great part of his post included his ideas for using the app in PE classes to facilitate student's learning and perceptions of heart rate and health. He also provided a video--with a delightful heartbeat audio track--that shows how the application is used and how the information generated can be posted and tracked on Twitter or other sites. Neat!

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